Beachside CEVICHE!

Nettie Z - Guest Food Blogger


And while we are all about Viceroy Riviera Maya, now is the perfect moment to introduce to you dear readers, the newest contributor to my blog with all things food (and Mexico!) Miss Nettie Z!!

Nettie will be guest blogging her food experiences around Mexico (and the world) exclusively for Where’s Brent Been?, so subscribe and keep up! Annette owned Vera Cruz in Sydney – the first Mexican restaurant in Sydney to serve authentic Mexican cuisine (no tex-mex there!) and has been travelling to Mexico and around the globe for years, so listen up, she knows her stuff.

We have just travelled Mexico together, twelve days searching for the latest & greatest all over Mexico and plan to offer chic, bespoke tours of Mexico revolving around food, wine, architecture, beaches, culture and design through Mexico Riche.

We are launching soon so make sure you follow us on twitter, Instagram and Pinterest or email me at  for more info.

Here is Nettie’s post about Ceviche – we were addicted!


Lunch on the Beach - Fish Ceviche. Viceroy Riviera Maya
Lunch on the Beach – Fish Ceviche. Viceroy Riviera Maya

Picture this……. you’re lying in your cabana on a beautiful secluded beach or poolside at a chic resort, it’s hot and your ready for lunch. Now, if you are staying at Escencia on the Riviera Maya you will be handed a menu dedicated to Ceviche with all of the different regions of Mexico represented.  So … I’m not the only one who thinks it’s the perfect choice for lunch!

Generally, Iʼm a big fan of the traditional ceviche, that is fish marinated in lime juice and served with tomato, Spanish onion, avocado, coriander and chile.  So healthy and fresh, weʼll just overlook the fact that itʼs generally served with fried tostadas, oh and that margarita (or two) you’ll have to go with it!

During our whirl around The Riviera Maya,  of course Brent and I consumed Ceviche on a daily basis and we both agreed that “Ceviche Blanco” at Viceroy Riviera Maya was a clear winner!  Described as Fish with Leche de Tigre, sweet potato and roasted corn.  Leche de Tigre translates to the milk of the tigre, which in fact is the juice of the fish marinade that contains chile and will possibly turn you into a Tiger…..grrrrr!

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