Hacienda San Jose


Who knew there are Starwood Luxury Collection properties dotted around the Mexican countryside?? Well there are, and they must be the chicest (and most romantic) Starwood properties I have ever seen… Hacienda Style!

Hacienda San Jose in Tixkokob was to be my first taste of the very glamorous hacienda lifestyle. Built in 1549, the original buildings have been restored and adapted to today’s needs, tasteful rooms feature 18-foot ceilings with exposed beams and rafters, 10-foot wooden double doors, beautiful wooden beds, dark, tropical hardwood cabinets, and cool tile floors (I was obsessed with the tiled floors throughout Mexico!). These gorgeous rooms evoke the feeling of a traditional time in Mexico where everything was colourful and perfect… the gardens are incredible and the pool set elegantly within them is stunning. This is the real deal and Mexico at its best!

Hacienda San Jose
Hacienda San Jose

I would suggest checking in here for a night or two (or combine with Hacienda Temozon which was up next!) and indulge in the tranquil beauty of the hacienda and the enveloping luxury of those rooms. The restaurant was outstanding… it IS authentic Mexican food with a modern twist, chef Alexis Can creates special dishes using organic ingredients from their very own garden. Starting with the amuse bouche (more on the amuse bouche from contributing food editor Nettie Z shortly!), it’s hard to imagine you are dining in such grand style in the middle of Mexico miles from anywhere!

HOT TIP: Best rooms? Junior suites with private outdoor bath and terrace but Superior rooms will do just nicely.

Original walls at Hacienda San Jose
Original walls at Hacienda San Jose
Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza

On my way from Viceroy on the Riviera Maya to Hacienda San Jose I passed by the iconic Chichen Itza (just 40 minutes from Hacienda San Jose), the incredible ruins of a dazzling Mayan city, don’t miss it… it’s breathtaking and while it’s “tourist city” it’s a must see and one of the new “Seven Wonders of the World”.

Through Mexico Riche we can organize private entry and access to parts of Chichen Itza out-of-bounds to the everyday tourist. If you need an archaeological expert to escort you??? ….. just say the word!

For all enquiries about organising your very own hacienda stay, Mexico Riche style, contact me at wheresbrentbeen@hotmail.com


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