The Amuse BOUCHE!

Amuse Bouche - Hacienda San Jose style


After a big day marveling at Chichen Itza we were feeling pretty elated to arrive at such a beautifully restored historic property, Hacienda San Jose Cholul, Tixkokob our 16th Century Spanish Colonial Hacienda, which incidentally is nestled in the isolated rain forests of the Yucatan.  After settling in and padding around barefoot on the heavenly glazed tiled floors, we were up for anything, especially in the style of the Hacienda San Jose!

An “Amuse bouche” arrives looking very attractive on a decorative paisley plate…………  Radicchio, baby tomatoes stuffed w Queso de Barra & Rosemary.  Queso de Barra a local Yucatan cheese is similar to a panela.  For centuries, Mexicans have become very adept at integrating influences from other cultures to create their own cuisine. There’s a strong Italian influence in the vast array of cheeses that Mexico produces.

At San Jose, the talented Chef Alexis Can uses organic ingredients from their orchards….I love that they’re self-sufficient in the rain forests!  It definitely amused our “bouches”, which you would think is hard to do with only four raw ingredients and a lot of restraint!  It’s simplicity, at its absolute best.  This folks, is delicious contemporary Mexican cuisine …… forget all your preconceived ideas of what Mexican food is!

Nettie Z 🙂

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