Bollos con QUESO!

Bollos con queso!

I have three words for you!  “Bollos con queso”… little, light, warm round rolls filled with a Mexican cream cheese.  When served for breakfast, it’s a slightly sweeter roll than at lunch or dinner.  For me, I enjoy at breakfast accompanied by a cappuccino (the Aussie flat white alternative whilst abroad) topped with freshly ground Mexican cinnamon … that’s a treat in itself!  This combination was fast becoming like the turn down ritual … you didn’t think you were fussed, then suddenly you’re addicted and very disappointed if they don’t appear!   (The “turn down” is another story!)

Bollos con queso, are not restricted to a particular region of Mexico, or just specifically to Mexican restaurants, they are served at most restaurants in Mexico City and arrive unannounced at your table mixed with other types of miniature rolls and always look different, so it’s a complete surprise … and an extremely pleasant one at that!

Cappucino per CONDESA df!
Cappuccino per CONDESA df!

Mexico City’s CONDESA df, had the best coffee con bollos for breakfast and La Nonna an Italian restaurant also in the Condesa area, had a savoury version which were out of this world!

Nettie Z!

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