Marvellous MEXICO!


It wasn’t all about luxurious check-ins and ceviche tasting as we hopped all over he Yucatan peninsula … we explored important towns and cultural sites too.

After two days of Hacienda bliss, Nettie and I checked out of Hacienda Temozon and made our way to Merida via the fabulous ancient ruins of Uxmal (pronounced oosh-mahl). We visited three important archaeological sites on this trip, Chichen Itza, Uxmal & Palenque and both agreed that Uxmal was probably our favourite, it’s as important as Chichen Itza and as such, Uxmal is a non negotiable on your Mayan Pyramid circuit so you must visit both and that’s that!


We especially loved Uxmal for its elegant and beautiful architecture, stunning wall reliefs and decided the lack of crowds on the day we visited added to its serene aura, you’ll like this one.

HOT TIP: Pack the insect repellent and take an umbrella, it can get very hot and the mosquitos never sleep in this part of the world.

Having a driver is the best way to travel around the Yucatan, you get to stop along the way and marvel in awe at cenotes and stunning colonial towns like Valladolid and its church San Servacio which comes with perfectly positioned, exterior twin palm trees (for maximum photographic effect) and the simply chic “all yellow” town of Izamal is unmissable … its stunning colonial architecture will take your breath away.

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