Stylish Swimwear – Le Sirenuse STYLE!

Allegra Hicks Le Sirenuse swimwear

Howard’s done it again… uncovering a fab stash of stylish Italian swimwear from my friend’s at Le Sirenuse in Positano… and they’re available right here in Sydney. Read on…

Want to take a bit of the style and “siren”ity of Le Sirenuse with you on vacation?

P.Johnson Tailors has been dressing the stylish Sydney man about town for a few years now (recently Patrick has also expanded to Melbourne)… and is now the only place in the world outside of the EMPORIO Le Sirenuse where you can get a hold of a pair of their amazing swim trunks. Read about Patrick’s very own personal connection to Le Sirenuse here.

Allegra Hicks Le Sirenuse swimwear
Allegra Hicks Le Sirenuse swimwear

Allegra Hicks …a regular at the hotel, designed prints based on the hotels siren mark. They are lightweight, stylish and dry quickly. The perfect swim trunks to pack for any trip… even if you are not headed to glorious Positano.

Look for them at the P.Johnson website

Also read my blog about Le Sirenuse here. My very first stay here really did inspire my addiction to luxury travel, it’s one of the best resorts in the world… trust me!

*Howard Steeves is guest style blogger here at Where’s Brent Been? …and can be contacted on +61 407 296 551

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