Leather Bound

Horizon Two Wallet - MAKR Carry Goods
Horizon Two Wallet - MAKR CARRY GOODS

MAKR CARRY GOODS out of the United States has been on my radar for a while now. I don’t leave on any trip without their handy Horizon Two Wallet in Bark (above). I have owned mine for more than a year now and it’s aging beautifully, turning a deep ,dark tan. It feels as good as it looks and it’s the perfect size to hold a couple of credit cards , some local currency and of course a business card or two.

Slip it into that cotton unstructured jacket or a slimleg pant and you are good to head out without that bulky wallet…ruining your line!

MAKR is known for using some of the best materials available, most of which are sourced from the United States. MAKR has a special relationship with many of its suppliers, particularly Horween in Chicago. Horween has been instrumental in developing unique and exclusive leathers for MAKR, most notably the Scraped Cordovan – an unrivaled  material which results in distinctively beautiful pieces.

Most of their small goods are still hand sewn in the MAKR design studio. Their collectable leather goods are not only functional, they wear well due to their rugged construction.

IPhone Carry Sleeve by MAKR
IPhone Carry Sleeve by MAKR

Check out their new iPhone cases, the nicest ones I have seen, they are chic and understated. Great for protecting your all important iPhone when it’s rolling around the bottom of your “man bag”. I particularly like this one in Navy Matte.

They also do a range of passport holders, tote bags and more, check them out at www.makr.com

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