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“Thanks also for sending me the link to your blog, I think it’s great. Very well put together and it looks very sexy, may I add?!” – Sarah Ball, COO & Co Founder Limited Edition Miami Beach / Beyond Luxury

“That’s quite a nice Blog you have there, a good feel of luxury” – Yorick Nicholls , General Manager Ratua Private Island , Santo, Vanuatu

Subject: blog

Hey Brent
thank god we have a local travel writer- I find that the English Bloggers and Travel Journalists have a very limited perspective and are quite boring and conservative in their choices (there are more exciting places that Pampelonne beach and club 55)

I have a friend call Brent Goff who is a journalist with DW in Berlin and we have a shared joke about your Blog (he’s always travelling – hence the “Where’s Brent Been”).

Loved your Dolder Grand review – it is fabulous and its been that way for 30 years!

Keep writing
Stephen Carey

Hi Brent

Just a quick email to let you know I had lovely guests here from Victoria who saw your post on The Red Feather and came to stay! Thanks – Lydia – Owner Red Feather Inn, Northern Tasmania


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