Nectar MERIDA!


Guest Food Blogger Nettie Z has found a new food sensation… read on!

Sorry Heston but my new chef crush is on Mexican, rather Yucatecan born Roberto Solis. Yes, he did a stint at Fat Duck, Noma and Per Se. Now, he’s at his restaurant Nectar in hometown of Merida. My crush isn’t because he’s gregarious and gorgeous… It’s the fact that the humble herb, coriander is his all time favourite ingredient and that most people have very strong feelings about it… they either love or detest it! His passion and indifference is BRAVE!

Roberto Solis Nectar

Is it just my crush or is he a creative genius with his unique dish ‘Black onions?’ He blackens Chiles and uses the ash in the tempura batter that coats the onion w Xcatic (a Chile native to the Yucatan) coriander & lime aioli. These glistening black parcels are served on matt black charcoal… delicious, dramatic, daring and devilish. Or how about a taco of octopus wrapped in pork skin served with salsa? Melt in your mouth Seared tuna with segments of sour oranges, mandarins & grapefruit with a sesame, achiote (a spice unique to the Yucatan) emulsion.

Cooking class with Robero Solis

Exclusively, Roberto will demonstrate the ins and outs of Mexican cuisine at the exquisite Hacienda Tamchen on our next Mexico Riche Luxe tour… departing May, 2016. The full itinerary is at

Cooking class with Robero Solis

Nettie Z

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