Packing Chronicles – The LV KEEPALL!


The Keepall is one of the most iconic bags recognised around the world, it has been a Louis Vuitton classic since the 1930’s. Designed to define the modern traveller, this bag allows one to create their own story and has been designed to cross the worlds oceans, fly through the skies and travel through continents by rail. No matter what type of trip you are taking, the Keepall embodies the true art of travel and to pack it right is a skill that every traveller and owner of this bag must have.

It is said that one can fit an entire weeks worth of clothing into this bag… that is correct, but one must learn to pack it right and now I can guide you step by step on how to pack the Keepall!

Shoe Wall

My first step is to lay everything out that I need for an entire weeks getaway.

I first grab my favourite pair of loafers and monk strap shoes, now you can take more than this for the week but it’s a personal choice. I take the shoes and put all of my socks inside before packing them in first. I place them around the outside of the bag’s wall. This will ultimately create a barrier around the bag. Once I have all my desired shoes placed around the outside of the Keepall’s wall I add my button up shirts, t-shirts and sweaters. To avoid creasing, I neatly fold them and place them down flat inside the barriers that you have created with your shoes.

Rolling Shorts

Next take items like shorts, pants and shirts and roll them up tight in a barrel-like form as displayed in the picture above. Once this is done take the rolled items and place them down the walls of the bag packing them in tight. You can also place small items such as belts and ties down the sides of the bag to save as much space as possible.

Bag Sweater

One item of clothing that has always proven difficult to travel without creasing is the blazer. I have discovered an easy 2 step method to minimise creasing that will fit perfectly into your Keepall. The arms of the blazer must be folded back as displayed in the image below then simply fold the jacket in half and gently place on top, this must be the last clothing item that is packed in the Keepall. This method can also be used for bomber jackets and trench coats which will also need to be placed on the top of the bag.

Jacket Keepall

If you choose to travel with and e-reader, iPad or small laptop this can also be placed on top or down the side of the bag to save space.

The bag should all now be packed in nice and tight, ready to go wherever the urge takes you.

Keepall on Deck

To me this bag defines the way I travel. It’s always ready for an immediate departure, whether I’m taking a quick overnight trip into the city, a weekend away, a camping trip or even a day trip to the beach, my Louis Vuitton Keepall gets the workout it deserves and is my number one go to.

Brent’s Marrakech collection – Bag – Louis Vuitton Graphite Damier Keepall, Blazer – Zara, Chinos – Acne, Swimwear – Orlebar Brown, Custom  shirts – P Johnson Tailors. Sydney, Shoes – Croc Monk Strap – Carlos Santos (bought in Amsterdam) & Suede Bow Loafer Calpierre (bought in Capri), Sweater – the classic navy striped Breton by GANT

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