Avant-Garde Elegance in SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE!

La Parrouquia de San Miguel Arcangel

While guest food blogger Nettie Z and I put the finishing touches on our exclusive Mexico Riche tours starting in May… read on about her recent stay in the chic town of San Miguel de Allende and her check-in at the design darling, Hotel Matilda.

When I think San Miguel de Allende, the earthy tones of ochre, sienna and umber come to mind as the hilly backdrop for some of Mexico’s most dramatic 16th-19th Century Baroque, Neoclassical and Neo-gothic Cathedrals.  All time favourite and apparently the most photographed in Mexico, is the 17th Century La Parrouquia de San Miguel Arcangel, which is perfectly framed by a pair of palm trees.

Tres chic non?

Bosco Sodi Red Installation
Bosco Sodi Red Installation


Initially, I was reluctant to go to San Miguel de Allende, but on the recommendation of several people and viewing Hotel Matilda’s website, I had no qualms!

Pulling up in front of the dramatic fortress like, salmon wall with grey concrete detail and large wooden colonial doors, there is a magnetic force drawing you in as their impressive collection of celebrated, contemporary Mexican artists is revealed with Bosco Sodi’s, Red Boulder installation. Throughout the hotel, there are sculptures, illuminated light boxes and an extensive array of paintings, including a portrait of Matilda (the owner’s mother) by Diego Rivera.

In true Mexican style, the staff exude a genuine enthusiasm, as I am eager to take a closer inspection of the hotel’s art which is enhanced by the comfortable, contemporary, classic furnishings extended to the crisp guest rooms and culminated in the library with the chartreuse velvet chair and pale blue sofa which scream pre-dinner Martini!

Hotel Matilda Pool
Hotel Matilda Pool

Due to the moderate climate, most of San Miguel de Allende is al fresco dining and Hotel Matilda takes full advantage with their restaurant “Moxi” which means craving in Otomi, an indigenous Aztec language. Run by Enrique Olvera, a talented young chef who has received accolades for his establishments around Mexico. His personal philosophy is based on incorporating Mexico’s extraordinary ingredients using contemporary and ancient culinary techniques = Ravioli de jicama con cangrejo “lump”, serrano, cebolla, aguachile de cilantro col braseada… which is lump crabmeat, sandwiched between jicama (a Mexican root vegetable, think cross between a radish and an apple) served with the juice of coriander, lime, chile, Spanish onion and braised cabbage.

Ravioli de Jicama - Moxi Restaurant
Ravioli de Jicama – Moxi Restaurant

In Mexico… call them old-fashioned but bread still hits your table. Well at Moxi it’s not only their freshly baked seeded rolls that makes a big impression but the accompanying leche de cabra… goatsmilk butter!

Hold the bread and bring more leche de cabra por favor… need I say more?

Nettie Z!

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