Casa Lecanda


Nettie and I were excited on approach to Merida, we had heard so many wonderful stories of how fabulous this town was, I was worried they all couldn’t be true and we would be underwhelmed … well we weren’t!

Courtyard Casa Lecanda
Courtyard Casa Lecanda

After a full day of touring Uxmal we were relieved to arrive at Casa Lecanda, a boutique hotel that has everyone talking as THE chicest place to stay in Merida. Well everything we heard was true, an understated original Yacatecan home immaculately restored to its former glory was to be our home for one night and we couldn’t have been more excited, especially after we were presented with the house cocktail promptly on arrival, a Tamarind Margarita which quickly became our drink du jour for the rest of the trip!

Poolside Casa Lecanda
Poolside Casa Lecanda

Casa Lecanda is located just two blocks from the prestigious Paseo Montejo within the historical heart of Merida. From the street, a discreet double door entrance leads you into a red reception room, then through to a cool courtyard with Moorish arches that harmonise with traditional colonial architecture perfectly, it’s Morocco, meets Italy, meets Mexico and the lush tropical gardens surrounding a perfectly positioned central swimming pool help make Casa Lecanda a chic and serene retreat. While there is no restaurant (yet), the house kitchen will cook just about anything you desire for breakfast, I suggest you enjoy it poolside like I did.

Coqui Coqui perfumes - Casa Lecanda
Coqui Coqui perfumes – Casa Lecanda

*Did you know that Casa Lecanda also stock the cult Coqui Coqui perfumes and fragrances – and is the only place outside of the Coqui Coqui hotels and spas to do so? Well it is.. chic no?


Suites that make you feel you are in a comfortable Yucatecan home include all the luxuries of a contemporary hotel – think mini bar, air conditioning and luxurious bathrooms. Patio rooms like the one I had are located towards the back of the property are more private, pool and garden suites open to the courtyard. Details like original tiled floors reclaimed from older buildings in the region are brought back to stunning life once again and feature predominantly throughout the property and keep this stylish retreat high on the “It List” in Merida. Oh and wait till you meet the charming owner Stefano, not only does he run one of the best boutique hotels in Merida (if not Mexico!) he also mixes a damn fine Tamarind Margarita!

To organise your very own stay in Merida with a very fabulous check in here at Casa Lecanda, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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