Chic Luggage Tags

Customised Luggage Tag
Luggage Tag

Stand out from the crowd with these chic luggage tags that will take you from carousel to check-in in grand style. I think they are the perfect gift for those travellers in your life that have it all or simply have some uniquely designed for yourself, they will age well and last forever.

You can have them stamped with details of that special trip or keep them as simple as the examples below using longitude and latitude coordinates.

Customised Luggage Tags
Luggage Tags

Customised leather luggage tags seem so chic and personal to me and are guaranteed to upgrade any bag.  Made in the United States by a small business called Of the Fountain, you can have them custom printed with just about anything you want. I love them as personal luggage tags but take a look at their website for other ideas and inspiration.


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