What’s Brent Wearing?

Woke up to today’s Journal update from MR PORTER, the online luxury go-to for the well dressed male traveller.

I am obsessed with unstructured cotton jackets (as most of you know) and found this one by BOGLIOLI (a family run company that was started in Italy in 1974) to add to my collection.

Baglioli Cotton JacketMy addiction, the unstructured cotton jacket


Oh well , as I say, you can never have enough! Besides, nothing looks and travels better than an unstructured cotton jacket paired with a white shirt* and your favourite well cut jean. An understated elegance that can only help “wing” that upgrade on check-in!

Check out the website at www.mrporter.com

*the white shirt – I always pack a few of these for any trip, whether city slicking or resort relaxing, buy the best you can afford and one that fits you perfectly. The white shirt is like an instant face lift, wearing one lifts your mood and looks good with anything and any colour, don’t leave home without one (or five!).

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