Can’t Travel Without my M&M Sydney Tote Bag

M & M Sydney Tote My friend Marco Meneguzzi has launched his fabulous range of essential travel totes, a must have for any summer sojourn or tropical island getaway, like….. The Maldives???
Read on……….
With a natural eye for design and a love of fashion, leading interior designer Marco Meneguzzi (whose work features in some of the best houses from Sydney to Melbourne to Los Angeles) has recently added another string to his bow with his first foray into fashion, introducing covetable canvas and dark-brown leather carry-all tote bags (for both men and women) under the new 2011 label called “M & M Sydney”.These roomy, oversized, timeless, slouchy-style, carry-alls are the perfect companion for days at the beach, picnics, weekends away, plane journeys, or simply to carry all your fruit and vegetables from the market!
They are hemp-like in texture with a fine cotton striped lining, easy-to-wear and are available in 9 different colours – Navy, Pink, Lilac, Orange, Khaki, Green, Yellow, Turquoise and Stone – a stylish way to add colour to any outfit!Accompanying the smart casual totes are matching canvas “sleeve pouches”, which are as versatile as the bags themselves.  Use them to keep your iPad or laptop in; carry your books, magazines and safe-keepings; hold your children’s toys; your sun-creams, bathers and snorkel, or simply pop your towel inside them, and voila`, a pillow on the beach!
These carry-all woven canvas totes and sleeves are timeless and age perfectly – like a fine wine they improve with age, therefore the more you use them, the better they will look!For further information on Marco Meneguzzi Design and to view a selection of his work, please visit &    

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