Brent Does Rome

BRENT WALLACE – Where’s Brent Been?

Luxury Travel Designer, ultimate travel blogger and self-confessed social media addict, Brent’s life-long penchant for luxury travel has led him to the top of the travel flash-pack.
He is the director of several niche Australian travel companies such as his boutique retail travel agency Travel Emporium and the recently launched Riche Travel – a collection of forward thinking , next gen home-based travel agents.

Along with creating, writing and editing Australia’s number one luxury travel and lifestyle blog Where’s Brent Been?… he travels constantly, unearthing the latest luxury travel trends globally, sharing this first hand insider knowledge with his loyal clientele and followers of his highly respected blog and is proudly represented by the luxury PR and communications company Wanderlust Union.

Having spent the last ten years crafting bespoke luxury travel experiences for Australia’s travelling elite (he has been described by industry insiders as the most powerful travel agent in Australia
Representing Australia on the luxury travel world stage, Brent is personally invited to attend the most prestigious travel trade shows globally such as ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) Cannes, Virtuoso Travel Week Las Vegas and Limited Edition Miami and these events enable him to take his passion for Australian travel to the world!


Twitter: @wheresbrentbeen Instagram: @wheresbrentbeen Facebook: facebook.com/WheresBrentBeen

4 thoughts on “About

  1. claire says:

    This is just amazing Brent, Having worked with you I can honestly say you are the best Travel Stylist I know!!… you have so much knowledge , First hand experience and most of all make it all about the customer!! You are amazing and look forward to following your blog as you travel to all those wonderful locations and fab resorts and boutique hotels… Wow Wow Wow xxxx

  2. Emlen Gaudino says:

    WooOOooooHooOOOO am so excited about your BLOG, i’m getting my places to go list ready. i am way to far behind. What the hell have i’ve been doing? I haven’t been around the world in almost 2 years! OUCH unacceptable behaviour. With all your new knowledge its time i got into gear, 6th gear that is and catch up. Brent i feel so lucky cause you know exactly what i like and don’t like right down to the linen on my bed and having to have a window that opens etc etc. !!!! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the place your going to in Maldives? Last time i was there the reef had been destroyed by el nino or something like that and the diving wasn’t very good and the accommodation so so. i’m hoping your going to come back with a great story all new fresh and different . I would love a trip that incorporated Maldives into it. It is a long way to go but if i were going to a couple of places on the way, it may make it easier. look forward to seeing you, i think we should have a little celeb party for you and the BLOG? xxxxxx

  3. Tiffany Tilley says:

    Hey fancy pants!!! Lovin the blog… Gonna dust off the Louis and get global…
    You must visit the Piata Dunn next time! It really is something else…
    Also in discussion with my Sea Dream crew as to when and where too next as that Caribbean cruise needs to be repeated… You should come with us next time xx
    Caviar and piña coladas all day…. Sounds like a crook combo but trust me it works!!
    Safe travels .. Till next time… Buckle up

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